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Your service has been suspended for using high levels of I/O for the third time in a week. Previous warnings were sent about this matter.

While you have a dedicated amount of disk allotted to you that you may fully use, we limit the operations on your disk to a fair share. Your service was recently found to be using high levels of I/O, again. You must understand that your VPS is a virtual instance running on a physical server with limited amounts of I/O shared across multiple users, which is why we have this policy in place. Your service was found to be using an average of 277.68 transactions per second for multiple hours.

Our terms can be found at:


Please reply to this ticket with the following information so we can handle your abuse report and see if it's possible to restore your service. Otherwise, your service will remain suspended indefinitely and may be terminated and your account closed.


机翻:您的服务因一周内第三次使用高级I / O而被暂停。 以前发出过有关此事的警告。 虽然您可以完全使用分配给您的专用磁盘,但我们会将磁盘上的操作限制为公平共享。 最近发现您的服务再次使用高级别的I / O. 您必须了解您的VPS是在物理服务器上运行的虚拟实例,并且在多个用户之间共享的I / O数量有限,这就是我们制定此策略的原因。 您的服务被发现每小时平均使用277.68次交易。 我们的条款可在以下网址找到:http://virmach.com/terms-conditions/请回复此票证并提供以下信息,以便我们处理您的滥用行为报告并查看是否可以恢复您的服务。 否则,您的服务将无限期暂停,可能会被终止并关闭您的帐户。