[注意]DigitalOcean 改了规则:推荐余额 12 个月未使用就会过期

2021年05月19日 VPS评价 等您评论

坛友G.K.D爆料:起床后发现 DigitalOcean 给我发了一封邮件,大概意思是我的几乎所有通过 AFF 获得的账户余额将在 7 天后到期邮件里说的是,推荐余额 12 个月未使用就会过期,然而我记得每次推荐余额生效的时候,都会说一句:

Please note that this credit will expire after 12 months of account inactivity.

说是账户闲置 12 个月后才会使推荐余额到期,怎么不吭不啊的就改了成推荐余额 12 个月不使用就到期了?为了避免到期,我都是开了个最低配的吃灰,虽然用不上,但是也不能说没就没呀。。。这都是我以前好不容易攒着养老的。。。有没有也收到这个邮件的?我在查的时候,发现今天国外也有人讨论这个邮件,都说 DO 客服无回应。。。



Thank you for being a long-time participant of DigitalOcean’s referral program. We appreciate your ongoing support and loyalty. 

We recently discovered unused referral credits on your account that were issued more than one year ago. We are writing to inform you that, starting on May 25th 2021, we will be expiring credits earned through the referral program that have gone unused for 12 months. 

Based on your referral credit balance on May 1st, 2021, you will have $25.00 referral credits remaining on May 25th, when we implement the change. Please note that this does not take into account any referral credits that may have been earned or consumed so far in the month of May. 

If you have any questions about your new credit balance, please don’t hesitate to respond to this email. We encourage you to review Section 6.5 of our Terms of Service for further clarification on credits at DigitalOcean. 

Team DigitalOcean

我去看了服务条款 6.5 :

大概意思是:账户余额所有权归 DO 所有,DO 可以无理由撤销或提前到期你的余额。

6.5 We may offer Service credits from time to time, and any provision of such credits is governed by the disclosures, terms and policies concerning the credits. You acknowledge and agree that all credits, whether previously offered or otherwise, are revocable or subject to early expiration at any time and for any reason or no reason by us, including for abuse, misrepresentation of Account information, unauthorized transfer, or illegal conduct by you.