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  前天刚刚很遗憾地通知读者,alpharacks已正式关闭。今天博客接到了网友的提醒,说AlphaRacks改名PSKHosting又在招摇撞骗。小心上当!证据就是你可以在PSK登入AR的帐号!同时,看到了网友fuck_virtvire的反映,注意谨慎购买 PSK Hosting!它很可能是 AlphaRacks 的新马甲。

  最近,一个名为“PSKHosting”发送电子邮件宣布他们从AlphaRacks迁移客户。PSKHosting在过去几周内形成,并不是一个信誉良好的业务! 事实上,有证据表明,它们延续AlphaRacks欺诈计划,做相同的骗子。

在LowEndTalk 上面也有相关讨论:

tl;dr PSK Hosting is very likely a continuation of a fraudulent company, AlphaRacks, and should not be trusted.

AlphaRacks is a defunct hosting business that scammed clients by fraudulently hosting VPS instances on servers that AlphaRacks neither owned nor had permission to use. AlphaRacks was also notable for blatant violations of CAN-SPAM, flooding even users who never had a service with them with twenty to thirty e-mails per month.

Recently, a business named "PSK Hosting" sent out the e-mail quoted at the bottom of this post, announcing that they are supposedly migrating clients from AlphaRacks.

PSK Hosting was formed within the last couple weeks, and is NOT a reputable business! In fact, evidence suggests that they are a continuation of the AlphaRacks fraud scheme, run by the same fraudsters:

They have the e-mail and password data of all AlphaRacks clients.
They copied their articles from their former AlphaRacks website to their new PSK Hosting website.
The PSK Hosting website did not exist in 2018, and their nameservers were just switched a couple weeks ago, when the fraudulent use of servers by AlphaRacks was discovered.
(I cleaned up this post in light of evidence that PSK Hosting is run by the same people as AlphaRacks.)

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  1. Fuck PSK Hosting

    刚收到PSK Hosting的推广邮件,感谢提醒

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