2019年05月15日 VPS评价 等您评论


随后网友aidanallen找到了答案:想多了,我闲置他就给我停机 。

Your VPS was automatically suspended by our node guard technology. This software is in place to mitigate service disruptions caused by abusive or compromised nei**oring VPS. Your VPS was causing service disruption and has been suspended.

We can unsuspend the VPS if we can wipe the data and re-create it. Note that if this happens repeatedly your VPS can be terminated without the possibility of reactivation. You are responsible for the actions caused by your VPS and should take some preventative measures to ensure this doesn't happen again:

Use strong passwords (symbols, letters, numbers, and special characters)

Avoid un-trusted third-party software/scripts/snippets

Install ClamAV and rootkit scanner like RKHunter.

Harden security on the operating system.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

Please let us know if you would like to proceed with reinstalling the VPS.

点评:原来hiformance闲置,就给客户停机 。