JustMySocks服务条款 (Terms of Service)的中文译本

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在使用 Just My Socks 的过程中,我们必须要遵守 Just My Socks 服务条款 (Terms of Service),以避免服务被终止或账号被清退。


以下内容来自 Just My Socks 官方的 Terms of Service 说明




我们所有的服务都是严格自我管理的。虽然我们保持了服务器和网络的理想工作状态, 但我们并不管理或支持客户对我们服务的具体使用。换句话说, 我们不协助安装和配置应用程序、故障排除等-这些都是客户的全部责任。


All our services are strictly self-managed. While we maintain the ideal working condition of our servers and network, we do not manage or offer support for customer’s specific use of our services. In other words, we do not assist with installing and configuring applications, troubleshooting, etc. - these are the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Acceptable Use Policy / 可接受的使用政策


请注意,我们的网络已阻止了外发邮件端口(SMTP),但 Google Mail 服务器除外。


  • 任何类型的垃圾邮件 (包括电子邮件垃圾邮件, 搜索引擎垃圾邮件, 表单垃圾邮件等)
  • 黑客攻击/恶意软件/端口扫描活动或任何形式的攻击
  • BT
  • 数据挖掘、爬虫

如果我们发现某项服务违反了这些条款, 我们将暂停该服务。


我们保留在不提供理由的情况下终止服务的权利。在这种情况下, 我们将为未使用的服务提供退款。


Our services may only be used for personal/non-commercial purposes. It is not allowed to resell any of our services.

Please note that outgoing mail port (SMTP) is blocked on our network, with the exception of Google Mail servers.

We do not tolerate the following activities on our servers:

  • Spamming of any kind (including e-mail spam, search engine spam, doorways, form spamming, etc.)
  • Hacking/malware/port scanning activity or attacks of any kind
  • Torrenting
  • Data mining, crawling

Should we find out that a service is breaching these terms, we will suspend the service.

Repeat offences may result in account termination without refund.

We reserve the right to terminate services without providing a reason. In this case we will provide a refund for the unused service.

Blacklists / 黑名单

我们正在积极监控我们的 IP 可用性, 并在将每个 IP 地址分配给客户的服务之前对其进行测试。我们确保每个新服务都以干净的 IP 交付。当 IP 被列入黑名单时, 我们将采取一切必要步骤, 尽快替换 IP。


We are actively monitoring our IP space and we test each IP address before assigning it to a customer’s service. We make sure each new service is delivered with a clean IP. When an IP gets blacklisted, we will take all steps necessary to replace the IP as quickly as possible.

Cancellations and Refunds / 取消和退款

客户可以要求全额退款的服务, 前提是满足以下所有条件:

  1. 客户的账户信誉良好, 没有违反整个服务条款
  2. 以前没有任何付款或目前有争议
  3. 每月数据传输使用率低于 10%
  4. 该帐户是在 7天内 或更短的时间前创建的
  5. 客户未使用其他账户退款的权利


退款处理后, 帐户可用于未来订单, 但不再有退款资格。


Customer may cancel services at any time in the billing control panel.

Customer may request a full refund for service provided all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Customer’s account is in good standing and there have been no violations of Terms of Services
  2. None of the payments have been previously or currently disputed
  3. Monthly data transfer usage is under 10%
  4. Customer’s account was created 7 or fewer days ago
  5. Client had not used the right to Refund previously under current or different account

Refunds are issued to the original form of payment.

After the refund is processed, account may be used for future orders, however it will not be eligible for further refunds.

退款 和 Paypal 争议

请不要创建 Paypal 争议以获得退款,因为这只会使流程更长,并且会为客户和我们创造更多的工作。

此外,在争议解决之前,发起退款或 Paypal 争议将导致您名下的所有服务(以及可能的任何其他相关帐户)立即暂停。此外,我们保留向您收取我们产生的退款费用以及我们处理争议所花费的时间(查找和暂停受影响的服务所花费的时间,与支付处理商和/或银行进行通信以及处理客户门票等)的权利。我们以15分钟为增量每小时收费40美元,在支付账单之前不会恢复服务。


Please do not create a Paypal dispute in order to get a refund, as this will only make the process longer and will create more work for both - customer and us.

Furthermore, initiating a chargeback or a Paypal dispute will result in an immediate suspension of all services under your name (and possibly any other associated accounts) until the dispute is resolved. In addition we reserve the right to bill you for the chargeback fees we incur plus time we spend on dealing with the dispute (time spent locating and suspending affected services, communicating with payment processors and/or banks and dealing with customer’s tickets etc). We bill $40 per hour in 15-minute increments and services will not be resumed until the bill is paid.

Data protection / 数据保护

在任何情况下, 我们都不会与第三方共享客户的私人信息, 除非法律要求我们这样做。


In no case we share our customer’s private information with third parties, unless we are required to do so by law.


Affiliate program / 联盟计划

您可以使用 URL 缩短或 URL 屏蔽技术来隐藏完整的会员链接,但是,您的用户必须自然地遵循链接,而不是混淆/误导信息的结果。



  • Cookie 填充(使用不可见图像加载会员链接)和类似技术
  • 任何导致我们的联盟链接的访问者人为增加的活动,包括但不限于点击/网页浏览交换服务
  • 在任何类型的未经请求的通信中提及我们的会员链接(无论是电子邮件/论坛发布/私人消息/即时消息)。
  • 使用联盟链接为自己或家人或代表其他人订购服务。


通过 Paypal 提供 1000美元以下金额的佣金提款。对于超过1000美元的金额,我们可以通过 paypal(根据资金可用性)或通过电汇进行支付。


You may use URL shortening or URL masking techniques to hide the full affiliate link, however, your users must follow the link naturally and not as the result of confusing/misleading information.

Affiliate links must be followed naturally by visitors via a website. We may request to review websites where our links are used to make sure they comply with our policies; inability to verify source of visitors may result in refusal of your request to withdraw funds.

The following practices are strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from our affiliate program:

  • Cookie-stuffing (loading affiliate links by using an invisible image) and similar techniques
  • Any activity that results in artificial increase of visitors to our affiliate links including, but not limited to click/pageview exchange services
  • Mentioning our affiliate links in any type of unsolicited communication (be it email/forum posting/private messaging/instant messaging).
  • Using affiliate links to order service for yourself or your family, or on behalf of someone else.

Violation of the Affiliate program rules will lead to inability to withdraw any funds.

Commission withdrawals for amounts under $1000 are provided via Paypal. For amounts over $1000 we may either make a payout via paypal (based on funds availability), or via wire transfer.

我们对我们提供的服务不作任何形式的保证或陈述, 无论是明示还是暗示。在任何情况下, 我们都不对与使用我们的服务相关的任何直接、间接或任何其他损害或损失负责, 包括因服务中断、数据丢失或疏忽而造成的损害或损失。尽管有上述规定, 客户对诉讼的所有损害、损失和原因的专属补救, 不得超过客户在服务期间支付的美元总额。

如果我们的服务的使用对我们的客户、服务器或网络构成安全威胁, 我们保留拒绝服务的权利, 由我们自行决定。

客户证明他或她至少年满 18岁, 或者他们的父母或法定监护人将在本合同中充当 “客户”。

本服务条款可能随时更改, 恕不另行通知。


We make no warranties or representations of any kind, whether expressed or implied for the service we provide. In no event we will be responsible for any direct, indirect, or any other damages or losses associated with the use of our services, including damages or losses resulting from service interruptions, data loss, or negligence. Notwithstanding the above, Customer’s exclusive remedies for all damages, losses and causes of actions, shall not exceed the aggregate dollar amount which Customer paid during the term of their services.

We reserve the right to refuse service if the use of our service presents a security threat to our customers, servers, or network, at our sole discretion.

The Customer certifies that he or she is at least 18 years of age, or that their parent or legal guardian will act as the “customer” in terms of this contract.

These Terms of Service may be changed at any time without notice.