2019年07月18日 VPS评价 等您评论

本人前一个月在 dignusdata 工作. 目前已经辞去职务.在工作之初. 他们说要给我提供纸质工作合同. 但是我迟迟没有拿到文件.工作了一个星期之后. 本来约定的是兼职工作. 他们要求我全职工作. 一天至少八小时.即使这样也没有什么关系. 但是他们的人根本不听我的任何意见. 造成客户反馈极其差. 然后被喷的就我一个人.中东地区的这些老板, 中文不会说也就算了. 连基本的英文语法都不会. 只会坑客户... 我辞职也有这方面的原因.然后他们又非要说中文. 在客户群说了一堆牛头不对马嘴的话... 非常服气.

离职之后. 商家给我发来了标记 "Final" 的付款. 并且删除了我所有有权限的账户.此后找我. 我并没有回应, 因为我已经在公开场合跟他们表明了态度. 而且他们的行为也表示理解了.由于找不到其他可靠的中文客服. 他们用多个账号对我进行了24小时不间断的骚扰.

在我明确拒绝回应之后. 商家对之前按周付款给我的四笔款项进行了 Paypal 争议.我做了我该做的工作. 但是我不想与你们继续同流合污坑骗客户. 请不要继续骚扰我.此外, 如果有人也想当免费劳动力. 欢迎去私聊Telegram @cssupport .


如果 Darko 先生. 能够看到这篇文章. 那我有一段话留给你:
1. From the outset, the company what you belong to promised that there would be a written contract delivered to me, but it still not exist anywhere. Thus, the agreement between us only exists in the verbal form. Meantime, It is you, as the person said the word "Final", delete all my accounts on your website and support platform, not me doing these.
2. Personally, I've tried hard finding other people who can be your colleague in as high probability as the person might be, with many attempts. Even that is not the responsibility for me to do this, finding someone who can take over the work.
3. At the very beginning, we both sustained that the job you provided to me was the part-time job, not the full-time one. However, what I needed to do, from the requests you gave in real, were much more than what I should do.
4. As the proposals I had tried to give you many times, you kept avoiding the critical issues I pointed out. I'm afraid of the consequences, such as the prejudice to my reputation, I may possibly suffer because of your irresponsible behavior.

In final, as the advice to the negotiation between us, please avoid to use misleading expressions and try to use some word distinct to understand if you don't know the statement is clear or not.